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Wool 101 | Why We Love It


It's no secret that wool rugs are a huge inspiration to Amethyst as a whole. When Monica first opened, she fell in love with the craftsmanship + love that artisans from all over the world put into these rugs. Not only are they beautifully made, but the benefits that come from housing a wool rug in your home are unmatched from any other fiber. Here's why -

The Most Sustainable Option

Wool is one of the earth’s most sustainable resources; it is an annually shorn and replenished resource. The shearing process of wool is absolutely necessary for the health and quality of life of sheep, meaning no sheep are harmed in the process. Wool biodegrades in soil without harm to the planet and the environment.


Wool rugs last as wool fibers can be bent more than 20,000 times before breaking. Fibers that bend without breaking help resist abrasion, hide wear and tear, etc. Perfect for busy households with kids & pets.



Wool fibers have scales that overlap like shingles on a roof.
This keeps dust and dander on the surface where it can be
vacuumed or brushed clean. Wool rugs can be spot cleaned and professionally cleaned as needed.


Rug Pads

We recommend the use of rug pads for a couple reasons.
1. A rug pad will act as an anchor for your rug. It will keep it
place, discouraging the rug from moving from it's intended
location during normal foot traffic. This is important for
aesthetic, as well as for safety.
2. A rug pad adds an extra layer of cushion to your rug. We love
a flat weave rug, but sometimes it's nice to add just a little more
cushion for comfort under foot.

Fun Fact | Wool Rugs Are Natural Air Purifiers

VOCs are organic chemicals that vaporize and enter the
atmosphere as an air pollutant. Wool is a natural product and emits no VOCs. Wool can also clean the air around it by absorbing pollutants in the air acting
as a natural air purifier. Additionally, wool rugs are non-flammable, anti-allergy as they cannot grow mold, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial! For more information please visit, The Science of Wool

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We consider ourselves experts when it comes to rugs. Whether it's the material, size, placement, color, style -- we've got you covered. There is nothing we love more than pairing you with a rug you'll love for years to come!

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