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An Honest Review of Amber Lewis x Loloi Rugs

 I’ve been selling Loloi rugs for 4 years — they are a go to for my design projects as I’ve always trusted the color consistency, long term quality, and timeless appeal of their fresh designs.

Needless to say I was stoked to hear of the latest Amber Lewis x Loloi collaboration!  Our shop & design aesthetic has always centered around natural fibers such as wool & cotton, quality rug construction that dates thousands of years (hand-knotted & hand-woven).


At first I was skeptical of this collection because sometimes I feel that designers “water down” their brand aesthetic to sell to the masses.  

 This is not the case with Amber Lewis.


Mulholland Rug

It’s an authentic and thoughtful collection of high quality rugs that deliver on the core design values you find across her portfolio.

It appears she cut no corners on ensuring quality rug construction and mirrors the casual West Coast aesthetic she delivers on in her personal projects.  


Collins Rug

The Collins collection include stunning, intricate yet subtle hand-knotted wool designs that will clean up beautifully and last for years in a modern family’s home.  Deceivingly simple — when you look closely you find a dream of unexpected tonal patterns.


Gwyneth Rug

The Gwyneth collection takes the best part of an authentic Moroccan rug (soft, shaggy wool) but offers it in a tightly woven short pile. This is key because it’s not going to shed like a thick shag Moroccan style! 

You get what you pay for — this collection is as durable as it gets!  Clean easily with water and a mild clear detergent.  These rugs can also be professionally cleaned for a like new appearance!


Mulholland Rug

Mulholland is a textural paradise of a chunky organic look -- I would recommend this style for a variety of home decor styles!  It’s a smart, timeless layer that can evolve with home styling updates seasonally and over the years!


The Mulholland Charcoal/Denim is my favorite of the batch — for years I’ve been looking for a dark, interesting runner for kitchens to ward off spaghetti night anxiety and this is the perfect fit!


For those spots in the home that are more seasonal and fluid — I’m obsessed with her Billie and Georgie collections.  There is a price difference in these and it has to do with the texture of the rug face.  

Both utilize printed technology so it’s not going to be a hand woven product.  Images are essentially printed on a flat polyester textile with a sturdy backing.

The Billie collection has more of a shiny, textured feel to it which lends its self to more value.

Georgie Rug

But arguably, I actually prefer the Georgie collection because it highlights an amazing look of my favorite vintage Persian rugs which is a white distressed core.  Real Persian rugs are often cross woven with white cotton which gives them that amazing muted look and this collection features that look.


If you are looking for a rug with the “perfect colors” this is not the collection for you.  Each rug colors will vary slightly.  I recommend applying the concept of “original art” to selecting a rug.  Do not strive to “match” but strive to add a design layer to your space that feels like that a curated, personal collection.

You can shop the entire collection at Amethyst! 

a review of amber lewis loloi rug collection by amethyst home

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