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Our Favorite Seating for the Eclectic Family Home

brando leather chair ottoman set in solvang anthracite with cisco brothers pouf and hazel sofa at amethyst home in omaha nebraska
When I shop for furniture -- I look for three things:

(1) Quality -- some things read better online than they do in person. These are fabulous in person -- made in Los Angeles by people who care!

(2) Comfort -- I think we've all had furniture regrets at some point in our lives.  As a busy working mom, I want our home to be as comfortable as possible. Whether we are snuggling on the couch enjoying Incredibles 2 for the 100th time (SO many Nebraska snow days this winter) or enjoying a meal as family -- what we sit in and how our furniture cleans up matters to me. It's the stage of our memories!

(3) Beauty -- I think I've always wanted to be a little bit different than everyone else.  I love hunting for unexpected silhouettes, interesting materials, and pieces that can't be easily copied.

Here are some of my favorite seating options that we have brought into Amethyst for spring!

hazel sofa slipcovered quixote oatmeal machine washable 100% linen cisco brothers at amethyst home in omaha nebraska
hazel sofa by cisco brothers amethyst home omaha 8 way hand tied 100% linen
The Hazel Sofa by Cisco Brothers is an absolute dream -- I'm obsessed with the comfort of an 8-way hand-tied sofa.  The feather top cushion makes me so happy.  I don't mind the imperfection of how it rests on the sofa. There's nothing stuffy about it and I love how LIVEABLE it feels.  Nothing to hide here folks. We have kids and pets.  Juice box spill? No problem -- I can just throw the slipcover in the washing machine. There aren't endless back cushions to fluff & rearrange.  The fabric is 100% linen and heavy knit for an active family.

brando leather chair set by cisco brothers omaha nebraska amethyst home
european folk pillow with tassel european organic modern amethyst home omaha
This chair was love at first sit for my husband Andy.  He describes it as sitting in a baseball glove -- the generously filled leather channels hang from the iron frame like a hammock would.  The ottoman is a must have in my opinion.  This chair is perfect for a room with a tv mounted above the fireplace or a space where you want a bit of a recline.

grass form barloga studios leather strap art amethyst home omaha
Sadly, we don't have this piece in the shop anymore (it was a special project for a client -- I had to photograph it!).  My client wanted a comfortable coffee table/ottoman that was sturdy enough to set a tray on....and ding ding ding...washable!!  The slipcover is removable so whether she wants to clean it --- or switch up the look in a few years --- she has a great foundation for her living room. The fabric is available by the yard through the shop.  We partnered with a local reupholstery specialist to get this look.

brando leather chair by cisco brothers in solvang anthracite with hazel sofa and slipcovered coffee table at amethyst home in omaha nebraksa
raw cotton pillow with abstract blue embroidery amethyst home omaha nebraska
Photography by Mandy McGregor @m.mcgdesigns

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