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5 Best Mini Subway Tile Options

Let's just say...the hunt is on.  What seemed like a painstakingly simple design selection on a current kitchen renovation project has turned into something quite challenging!  I love the look of subway tile -- but I wanted to source something with a little bit more a New York flair for this project.  Subway tile with a twist...

Because I've spent a shameful amount of time sourcing the best mini subway tile, I'm passing along my favorites to spare you the search!  (Tip #1 - "mosaic subway tile" is a more fruitful google search term than mini subway tile...Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website.)

To see our final tile selection and the finished kitchen remodel, click below!

I would define "mini subway tile" as any ceramic piece no larger than a 1"x2" or 1"x3".  A 2"x4" tile doesn't cut it for me -- I wanted something itty bitty!!

1. Mini Subway Tile

In it's purest form, this mini subway tile is exactly what I had in mind for this kitchen project! Putting it here first to cut to the chase.  Still too simple?  See some of my favorite "twists" below.

mini subway tile white ceramic 1x2 inch mosaic for kitchens and baths

2. Beveled Mini Subway Tile

Subway goes retro with a beveled edge.  This can be a nice detail if you need a bit of dimension!

mini subway tile beveled white ceramic mosaic 1x2

3. Mini Herringbone Subway Tile

A twist on a twist -- you can't go wrong with a herringbone accent.  Beautiful Parisian apartment vibes everywhere.  Pair with white walls, intricate trim work, and warm woods for all the chicness.

mini subway tile herringbone white ceramic kitchen backsplash bathroom

4. Grey Stone Mini Tile

I'm imagining this in a fabulous modern, concrete look kitchen or bath.  Warm woods, cool concrete, juicy fluffy Moroccan rugs...

mini subway tile natural grey stone modern concrete kitchen bathroom new construction

5. Honed Marble Mini Tile

Buyer beware!! This looks like plain white subway tile but is marble!  But let's be honest...definitely not an unwelcome surprise.  This is GORGEOUS!! Beautifully honed for a matte finish.

marble mini subway tile 1x2 mosaic for traditional kitchens and beautiful bathroom tile

 mini subway tile mosaic kitchens bathrooms 1x2


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