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I had a vision but didn’t know how to get there, and I needed that confidence. Monica has been so helpful and she’s just awesome. I wanted an industrial and beachy feel. I love being downtown— the old buildings, concrete floors and beams—and also wanted a beachy home feel. Monica was bound and determined I would have what I wanted, and she helped me make it custom built. The beauty of Monica is she’s not high pressure. She was never on me or pushing me. I could always tell her no (which was hardly ever, as she was always spot on). She’s low pressure, she cares, she listens, she understands and wants you to get what you want. She works until she finds what you’re wanting or feeling. It was just awesome to be able to ask her questions every day throughout the process, and she was so good about every little thing. With Amethyst, you’re getting beauty, quality, and service. It’s so nice to be in love with your space.

Remodeling our kitchen felt very overwhelming. Creating a vision for the space, functionality and design with so many choices and important decisions to make along the way was terrifying! It was stressful to think that one wrong selection or choice could throw off such a significant investment. For us, sorting out the layout and flow was probably the hardest part. We were expecting our first child and figuring out how to have a space that could grow with us was really important. Monica was such an important partner throughout the entire project. She guided us through really important decisions, helped us and our design stay focused, and helped us find solutions when challenges arose. We really love the entire project. We love the openness and natural light from removing the wall that previously separated the dining room and kitchen. It's the first space in our home that feels like our style and personality. Furniture and accessories can be a significant investment. It's so nice to know that the whole space, along with functionality and lifestyle, are all being considered when pieces are recommended. I also appreciate a mix of price points and Monica's attitude towards "picking our moments" to stay in budget but still create a space that feels beautiful.

We’ve worked with Monica and Amethyst Home for our home and our lake house. Each time my husband and I were impressed!!! We loved the wood paneling in our family room but it made the room feel small and needed some brightness. I wanted the room to remain kid friendly and warm but nice for entertaining. Monica and her team are super awesome to work with. I was sent a picture of what the pieces would look like in the room and fell in love with the design! I love how the space totally reflects me and my husband’s style. It is laidback but with a touch of style - kind of a relaxed midcentury modern vibe. AND it is totally kid friendly. I love each piece!!! If you are unsure how something will look in your home/office, Monica and her team will take pics of your space and send you what it may look like with the pieces and/or they will bring it directly to your space.

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