{ about us }

We’re your midwest luxury interior designer working with clients both near and far since 2017. You can talk design with us seven days a week & shop our boutique online or in person. 
*We offer interior design services in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and beyond*

Featuring high-end, family-owned furniture designers, including Verellen and Cisco Brothers, we source only the best to bring luxury and craftsmanship into your home.  We’re proud to be one of the only interior design firms in the midwest to offer these exclusive designers.

We specialize in new construction and remodels. Our interior design services also include personal rug shopping, furniture sourcing, and styling. Our design aesthetic brings in raw materials, like wood, natural fibers, and stone. We describe it as an organic, eclectic, lived-in vibe that exudes warmth. 

We design with family in mind by providing lifelong pieces that can grow with your family. We embrace our clients' signature style and provide individual recommendations for your project. This is why we have so many one-of-a-kind pieces and no project is the same! Our clients have great taste - we work to find unforgettable pieces to compliment your home.

We’re excited to start a design dialogue with you and create a beautiful space together. Let’s talk, whether over text, e-mail, phone, or in person, to create a space that feels uniquely you.

Monica // Owner, Lead Designer

Monica is the Owner of Amethyst Home. She started the company nearly 3 years ago with a prayer and a dream! She fell in love with home furnishings & interior design and strives to make homes peaceful. It has always been a goal of hers to make home as safe and peaceful as possible by using natural, raw materials that bring the outside in.
The “heart and soul” of our firm, Monica leads almost every client appointment and personally runs our marketing and social media. When she's not busy at home being a super mom to her two kiddos, you'll find her back and forth between our Omaha and KC shops or daydreaming about her next trip to Market!

Andy // Technology Director

Andy is our Technology Director wearing most of the entrepreneurial hats with Monica, his wife. He is a regular face in our Omaha & Kansas City shops & on site projects… and by far the quickest to answer e-mails & live chats on the website! 

Together, Monica & Andy love to travel to markets and raise their teenager Ryan (9th grade) and daughter Vivi (kindergarten). They live in Leawood, Kansas and love splitting time between their Omaha & KC shops, traveling the midwest for projects, and enjoying a nomadic lifestyle!

Rachel // Project Director

Rachel is our Project Director who keeps all people, projects, and pieces spinning and thriving. She oversees all interior design, shop, and online activities, manages our Designer & Builder trade programs, and assists Monica with on-boarding new partnerships. Her most underrated skill may be leading a team of creatives who are bound to not stay in the lines and find themselves in creative chaos often! We are so thankful for her energy & passion to “get it done but make it fashion…”.

Alexa // Operations Manager

Alexa is our Operations & E-Commerce Manager. Perhaps one of the most thankless but important jobs — she coordinates and manages all orders & shipments! She advocates for our customers with our freight & vendor partners and has solved countless logistical nightmares! She works behind the scenes to get our favorite Amethyst finds from Omaha, Nebraska to California, New York, Texas, Australia, Canada…and beyond! One of Alexa’s favorite things is when she can successfully “fulfill” your order meaning it arrived in perfect condition and you love it!

Chandlar // Design Concierge

Chandlar is our thoughtful design concierge and visual merchandiser. She has an incredible product memory and amazing intuition about matching interior styles with our clients. As part of our core design team, she travels to markets with us, sits in everything, and knows the best of the best in furniture, rugs, lighting, and art! One of Chandlar’s signature talents is incorporating pet-friendly fabrics, rugs, and styling tricks. She is our in-house photoshop guru and helps in-store & out-of-state customers envision Amethyst pieces in their home via her quick & gorgeous digital design mock-ups!