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Behind The Story: How Amethyst Home Came To Be

The beautiful thing about owning a business is the opportunity to meet so many of you! It can be really easy for me to forget that many of you don't know me personally. For those of you who recently discovered our shop, we are going back to the beginning!  

We started this shop as a husband & wife team in 2017. The funny thing about Andy and me is that we met on a blind date in January 2013, and were married by November that year. I became an “instant mom” to my wonderful son Ryan who was six at the time. The next year, we had our daughter, Vivienne. It suddenly wasn’t about how “pretty” my house was but “will my house survive life & still look good”.  

I often heard other parents talk about how they wouldn’t buy nice furniture or rugs until their kids were grown. My kids were 8 years apart and in many ways I felt like I just extended my years of having children in the house. I was determined to find pieces that would age gracefully with my family without sacrificing the interior design passion I had always felt. Through lots of trial and error — I’m talking slipcovers from Target, sewing my own pillows  I began learning more about fabrics, rug construction, how things were made, where things were made…

I had the opportunity to travel with a friend to a furniture market in High Point, North Carolina which was life-changing. Everything looked good and felt good; it wasn’t mass produced. I discovered quickly that all my favorite pieces had a common thread — natural fibers.  It was the linens, cottons, wools, and jutes that were handmade & well-constructed! I came back to Omaha inspired and wanted to help others source these beautiful pieces for their homes.

I began researching how rugs were made, and why certain rugs could be cleaned with water while others couldn’t. I studied which sofa fabrics would pill into little annoying clumps, and which fabrics could go in the washing machine after a particular messy day. I learned what materials were used in sofa cushions so that I would be able to predict if my dog could ruin a cushion from sitting in the same spot everyday. 

My introduction into interior design began with probably too much anxiety…but in the end I can sleep at night knowing that if something happens exactly what I will do to restore it to its original beauty!  

Years later, the shop has become a place where I can whole-heartedly recommend rugs, furniture, and decor based on your lifestyle and not just what is on trend. We take pride in helping you select furnishings that will age gracefully and still look fresh. Our passion for natural fibers is fueled by our desire to bring more of natures peace back into our homes & serve you with a piece of something that supports the amazing quality of artisans all of the world and in the USA.


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