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Meet Our Friends at Freeman Custom Homes

We’re so excited to officially introduce you to our new friends, Kyle and Liz Freeman, at Freeman Custom Homes. It’s been an absolute pleasure partnering with this amazing duo for House #1 (8609 NE Shoal Creek Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64157) in Kansas City’s Artisan Home Tour. 

We’ve seen firsthand how the Freemans design & build an exceptional dream home, as well as enjoy the process and have fun along the way.

For the Freemans, custom homebuilding runs deep in the family, as Kyle’s father started Freeman Custom Homes 40 years ago. 

Their family goal has always been to provide clients a true custom build experience with a fun and friendly approach. 

“In taking over, we’ve kept the tradition of being laidback, approachable, and friendly, and we’ve added our focus on design and creative homes,” Kyle said. 

Kyle and Liz enjoy working as a team designing house plans from scratch and are involved every step of the way, from the architectural details to carpentry and fixtures. The business has evolved to become even more design-focused and provide a unique level of customization.

With House #1 in Kansas City’s Artisan Home Tour, the Freemans said they had an opportunity to showcase their creativity and design capabilities with a unique floor plan and “artisan level” finishes.

“The architectural elements are different from typical home construction,” Kyle said. “We borrowed not just one style, but all different old world styles-- from Mediteranean to English. It’s an eclectic mix of European inspiration.”

The old world style provides a cohesive clean and casual look throughout, yet each room is its own masterpiece.

“We tried to put unique attention and details in each room,” Liz said. “Each room has its own personality, but they blend and mesh together well. The combination of all of them is like different chapters in a book-- each chapter is different, and together it flows nicely.” 

Primarily building in the Northland of Kansas City, the Freemans build at least a dozen houses a year, which keeps their family of four (with a 2-year-old and 5-year-old daughter) very busy. One of their favorite parts of their work is meeting and working with families.

“We’re a small business, so customers get to know us really personally,” Kyle said. “Our focus is always to build really good homes in quality and design and to always be thinking of the customer experience and make it as fun as possible for them. We want them to focus on and enjoy the fun parts.”

It’s hard for the Freemans to choose a “favorite” project they’ve done over the years because each house is different and customized for families. Kyle said the projects they love most are when customers "aren’t afraid to do something different or fun."

"We like when customers bring us things they're excited about and want to try, and we run with it," Kyle said. "When there’s a good relationship where they trust our expertise and they bring us a rough idea, and we turn it into something, those are the best.”

Want to see our collaboration with Freeman Custom Homes in person? Join us in August at House #1 (8609 NE Shoal Creek Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64157 - directions here) during Kansas City’s Artisan Home Tour

 You can learn more about Freeman Custom Homes here.

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