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How Back To School Affects My House

This Tatine candle set -- all natural -- soy & vegetable wax candle set is the perfect earthy fragrance for the home.  The brass cups are reusable for all the little "sentimental" goodies that come home in backpacks.  

Is it just me or do the stars seem to align when kids go back to school?  Suddenly, I'm nudged to get organized, assess what doesn't fit, freshen up the house, and get back into a routine!  Just as I would check what jeans no longer fit my son -- I find myself taking a hard look at my home.  Is this dining room layout really conducive to the holidays?  Is this sofa comfortable enough to handle my favorite fall tv lineup?  Basically -- what is going to make my life prettier AND more comfortable for the upcoming days/nights in!  Anybody else?

There is something very special about being intentional with what we surround ourselves with.  I'm a big believer in "less is more" and "quality over quantity".  I don't like to fill my shop with a lot of clutter -- and find that if I can absolutely nail my fall essentials, I'm a happy wife/mom/friend/daughter/sister!  Give me some great pillows (non-seasonal preferably!), the perfect fragrance, a comfortable (and easy to clean...sofa), and enough baskets to hide the chaos that is junior high & preschool!

These oversized prints on handmade paper from Nepal bring a calming, organic vibe to any home.  At 5' high, lightweight, and $345.00 each...these are perfect for empty walls.  Plus -- I love the leather straps!

I'm all about a collected look with pillows right now!  Cactus silk pillows get their unique color fading from the hot Moroccan sun.  The silk is harvested from the cactus plant.  Each pillow is one-of-a-kind and I think that just makes it extra cool.

Love. Love. Love these throws!  A blend of wool & silk, I love to have a pile of these on hand for impromptu movie nights.

Laying natural materials is my go-to way to hold onto nature during the upcoming colder weather!

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