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Artist Spotlight // Interview with Stacy Trammell

A self-taught and experienced artist, Stacy Trammell and her pieces inspire us. We love her creativity and how she conceptualizes her abstract art from nature or her travels. This week Stacy shared with us some insight as an artist and how she creates her gorgeous pieces. You can find her original art in our shop!


What do you love about being an artist?

Stacy: I love the fact that anyone can be an artist and any individual can create and connect with others without saying a single word. Every artist has the passion to create and communicate with the world, the only thing that sets us apart is how we tell that story. As a self-taught artist with over 10 years of experience with acrylics and ink, I’ve learned to step back and keep from trying to “plan” where the next brush stroke should be, some of my best work came from indecisive movements of paint along the canvas.

How would you describe your artwork?

Stacy: Most of my pieces are conceptualized from landscapes, floral scenery or recent travels where I’ve created my own abstract interpretation. I’m motivated by the relationship of color and negative space as they coincide together to tell a story. Spontaneous brush strokes create movement needed to convey the natural sense of depth and hopefully show the viewers the same amount of emotions it took to create the piece.

What or who inspires you?

Stacy: So many different artists and photographers influence and inspire me every day by telling their own stories and finding new techniques along the way. The other half of my inspiration and excitement derives from nature and seeing a landscape seemingly untouched by anyone. There’s nothing more humbling to me than standing alone in a picturesque mountain range or tall grassed prairie as far as the eye can see and just listen to the wind cascade through the valleys.

What is your intention with your art?

Stacy: Emerging an audience in the story telling for a piece is top priority to me. I believe the back story to my process of how I selected the composition and the mindset behind the decisions are what encapsulates my work. The fundamental purpose for each of my paintings is to connect and spark an emotional response with the viewer.

Any new/exciting projects you have on the horizon?

Stacy: Recently I’ve been working with new techniques using inks and pushing the boundaries of my composition which I’m very excited to show. All my progress and behind the scenes photos can be seen on my Instagram @stacytrammellart!

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