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Powder Bath 101 | Styling Tips

Powder baths are usually the easiest spaces to "get to later", and we get it - they are small/seemingly simple to style, they aren't one of the spaces you are using regularly, and often enough just stay closed throughout the day anyways.
With that being said, we heard once that powder baths are the "first impressions to your home". Think of friends using it while your hosting, or someone running in to use it during a carpool drop off, etc. Now, we don't allow powder bath shaming at Amethyst - so we've formulated a simple, easy way to get your powder bath on the same level as every other gorgeous space in your home!


Art, Art, and more ART

Art makes a home, truly. If you want a get to know someone, have a peek at the art they have hanging in their house. Powder baths are the perfect place to showcase pieces of art you love! It's a bonus that it fills up awkward space above the toilet.


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1. Minimalist Bouquet 2 | $504.00| 27" w x 33"h

2. Mountain High II Art | $650.00 | 24"w x 32"h

3. Macchiato IV Art | $486.00 | 25.5"w x 37.5"h

4. Oat Form | $180.00 | 20"w x 30"h

5. Grey Azul VI Art | $485.00 | 25.5"w x 37.5"h

6. Single Dahlia | Acrylic | $395.00 | 24" w x 34"h



Vintage Mini's

We always have to add some sort of vintage hand-knotted rug, vintage minis are the perfect powder bath rug. Each one is totally unique and one of a kind. Since they are 100% wool, they are extremely durable and will hold up to water and high traffic areas.

Shop the List

1. George Mini Vintage Rug

2. Marjorie Mini Vintage Rug

3. Alice Mini Vintage Rug

4. Mary Mini Vintage Rug

5. Barbara Mini Vintage Rug

6. Thelma Mini Vintage Rug




Lastly, complete the look by adding a calm smelling candle, a couple of toiletries and some fresh or dried florals.

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