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about us

we are interior designers and curators
working with clients both near and far.
you can talk design and shop with us
online or in person at our midwest location.

Omaha, Nebraska - Countryside Village
8712 Countryside Plaza 
Omaha, Nebraska 68114
(402) 502-9333
Monday-Friday: 10-5  |  Saturday & Sunday: by appointment

*We offer interior design services in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and beyond.

It can be overwhelming and challenging to find exclusive, natural, and sustainable pieces perfect for your home. With our handpicked pieces from coast to coast, you can choose high-quality, customized furnishings that reflect you and your lifestyle. We feature high-end, smaller furniture designers that bring luxury and craftsmanship into your home.

Our design aesthetic brings in raw materials, like wood, natural fibers, and stone. We describe it as an organic, eclectic, lived-in vibe that exudes warmth. Our shop is ever-evolving, and our interior design services include new construction design consulting, personal rug shopping, remodels, furniture sourcing, and styling.

We strive to build genuine connections with our clients. We spend time getting to know you, your lifestyle, and what makes you happy. We create a personalized experience for you, whether you have kids, pets, or none of the above. Our hope is to create beautiful, functional spaces that help you live your life better.

We’re excited to start a design dialogue with you and create a beautiful space together. Let’s talk, whether over text, e-mail, phone, or in person, to create a space that feels uniquely you.


meet our dream team

My husband Andy and I opened Amethyst Home in 2017 with a desire to source original rugs, bespoke furnishings, and design spaces that were eclectic, yet timeless in their quality. We want “home” to be a peaceful and happy place for our clients and love incorporating furnishings made with raw materials. When you’re close to nature, you’re close to peace, and it makes us happy to bring peace into people’s homes. We enjoy building relationships with clients and have had the pleasure of working with amazing people. We love venturing between both our Omaha and Leawood shops and spending time with our sweet little family.

what’s on your coffee table right now? We are deep in parenting mode right now — our teenage son & preschool age daughter have taken over our home.  We try to keep things simple at home — we burn our favorite candle every night and keep the accessories to a minimum with plants...and sooo many toys 🙈

what do you love most about working at Amethyst? 
I love all the people I’ve connected with. Sharing a love for interiors has brought me a great team and wonderful clients that have become really good friends. I feel so fortunate to build a career around beautiful furnishings and homes -Monica

Getting to meet new people all the time as well as being able to see the new textiles and furniture at market. It's pretty fun being able to work with customers and other designers across the US! -Andy

describe yourself in a few words
One of my favorite things about Andy is how particular he is and the high expectations for quality and how we treat our customers and our team!  He goes above and beyond — sometimes even helping our clients to set up bluetooth lighting -Monica

Monica is very thoughtful, kind, pours her heart into every family (including ours, and work family), and has an inspiring drive -Andy



 Karissa is amazing at looking at a space and instantly recognizing what’s not clicking. A world traveler, she has frequented Indonesia, Russia, and recently moved back to Omaha from Portland. She is a styling queen, and we love how kind and genuinely passionate she is when perfecting a look.

what’s on your coffee table right now?  A ZZ plant, a chess set my father-in-law made, two books: Wild at Home: How to style and care for beautiful plants (by Hilton Carter) & A Short Guide to a Happy Life (by Anna Quindlen), and a boatload of home design magazines and catalogs

what do you love most about working at Amethyst? Getting to do what I love. I’m completely obsessed with all things home design and decor. I really can’t even believe Monica pays me to be here🤣 I also love our team so much! The gals have really become friends. 

describe yourself in a few words Adventurous but grounded️   

Our resident “Snow White,” Chandlar is amazing at designing spaces, especially ones with pets in mind. She knows our rugs inside and out and is a huge Verellen fan. Her memory is incredible, and she easily can pull brilliant ideas from several market trips ago on the fly when helping clients.

what’s on your coffee table right now? A book I’ve been meaning to start and a heirloom vase (from our shop) with random things I lose often like my Apple TV remote, chapstick, etc (lol), there’s also a couple old New Yorker magazines on there right now.

what do you love most about working at Amethyst? So many things! The closeness of the team, the environment we work in, leaving feeling inspired all the time, leaving feeling like your ideas and opinions are valued and wanted often. I love being included in helping someone love where they spend most of their time!! Also— seeing a project from start to finish is the best! 

describe yourself in a few words I think I’m a very glass half full, pretty positive mostly, I am a little too empathetic, I cry OFTEN at random things like tv and radio commercials. Hmm I try to be funny all the time.  



Blair is passionate about design, writing, and helping people, and she loves that she gets to utilize each of these at Amethyst.

what’s on your coffee table right now? A candle, succulent plant, travel book, gratitude journal

what do you love most about working at Amethyst? I love that I get to do work that excites me! It’s wonderful to be alongside such inspiring, talented and fun gals. I also think I could live in the shop with its amazing music and dreamy atmosphere. :)

 describe yourself in a few words Resourceful, adventurous, creative


Rachel is an amazing project manager. We love her inspiring and positive attitude, work ethic, and charm!

what’s on your coffee table right now? My coffee table has recently been replaced with a comfy ottoman to accommodate my ten month old! You can find multiple toys and crackers on it at any given time!

what do you love most about working at Amethyst? I love the peaceful vibe and how genuinely kind all the girls are! I'm also constantly having to stop myself from redoing every room in my house -- so many options!

describe yourself in a few words Hmmm. I love singing, being outdoors, spending time with loved ones! I'm outgoing, assertive, and adaptable. :) 

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